About David

about david

Meet David Kehoe, your master Chimnologist and native Vermonter.

David has been in the chimney business for over 30 years and has worked with various types of fuels for even longer. He grew up in the family business working on tugboats and barges, transporting fuels up the Hudson River, Erie Canal and into Lake Champlain. He was also featured in the book “Low Bridges and High Waters” by Charles T. O’Malley. Over the years he has handled numerous types of oil, gasoline and other chemical products. He is a member of the Merchant Marines and has his tugboat operator’s license. David understands and respects the complexity and volatile nature of the these products.

When David decided to leave the boats it was due to an interest in chimneys and masonry. In 1979, he attended the Black magic Chimney School in Stowe, VT. At that time it was the only chimney sweep school in North America. He has since built a very successful business. Education is important to David and he continues to take classes every year to keep well informed on all aspects of the business and keeping his customers safe.

David is also a member of the National Ski Patrol, and avid outdoorsman, climber and is a true daredevil. He currently resides with his wife and son in Burlington. He truly cares about your safety both at home and on the mountain.

As David always says: “Sweep Right—Sleep Tight”

His qualifications include:

  • Natural Gas Certifications #GN604
  • CSIA Chimney Sweep Institute of America #6765
  • State of VT Fire Prevention and Public Safety #T4-17
  • M-Flex Installer Certification
  • National Ski Patrol E104237556